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The centerpiece of anyone’s Frosty collection, the poseable holiday figure line features the same proud attention to detail that Forever Fun has become known for. Whether for collecting, playtime or holiday decorating, these attractive figures feature authentic details and accessories that bring the classic TV special to life! Set includes 5 poseable five inch scale figures:

1. Frosty the Snowman, The most famous snowman of all features a cloth scarf, removable pipe, ball-jointed arms, broom and magnetic hat!

2. Crystal The snowwoman, destined to become Mrs. Frosty includes winter flowers, “real” eyelashes, and a real cloth apron!

3. Chilly, Frosty & Crystal's snow child.

4. Millie, Frosty & Crystal's snow child.

5. Willie the family's snow dog.

on 3 individual blister card packs, (Chilly, Millie, and Willie packed together) by Round 2, Forever Fun.