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Angel had his soul for many years before making the leap from detached brooding vampire to the atoning champion we know and love. But that day almost came 40 some years earlier in 1952 as seen in the season 2 Angel episode “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been”. It was the early 50's when Angel first stayed in the Hyperion Hotel. It was there he first felt the call of the champion to save a woman being persecuted for race. But when she turned on him to save herself he was thrown back into detached recluse mode for another 4-plus decades until finding Buffy.

This was an important episode in Angel's history, as it not only serves as the backstory to the hotel that becomes home of Angel Investigations, but it also lets the audience feel the torment of Angel's decades of atonement and the frustration that a potential champion was there all along. Fate came so close to freeing him on that fateful day, but missed.

The 50's Angel Deluxe Articulated Action Figure captures the style of the era and the tone of the critically acclaimed episode. Angel comes with the perfect brood look and cool 50's hairstyle. Accessories are episode specific and include blood bottle, ax, and lynch noose. The figure features interchangeable parts (arms and jacket) that allow the figure to transform into “undershirt” 50's Angel and “cool retro-shirt” 50's Angel. Sculpted by Gentle Giant, the figure features 28-30 points of articulation.

Special clamshell packaging, by DST, 2006.

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