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Rudolph Trim-A-Tree Action Figures 2010 Set of 6- SOLD OUT

NOTE: Misfit Cowboy Action Figure pictured in this set does not come cared with accessories like the other figures.

The classic Rudolph posable action figure line continues! This set introduces an all new collecting feature- Trim-A-Tree! Figures comes with a misfit toy mini-ornament that can be used to trim a mini-tree that comes with Rudolph. You get FIVE trim-a-tree pieces in this set (The Mini-Tree, plus 4 Mini-Ornaments).

This set includes:

1. Super-poseable Rudolph. With a light-up nose and a new bridle-harness. Includes the Trim-A-Tree starter Christmas tree with star! Ready to display the mini Misfit ornaments that come with the rest of this set.

2. Skinny Santa. He looks dapper in green and comes with a decorated tree and a mini Misfit Train Ornament in a reusable gift box !

3. Sam the Snowman- Silver & Gold Edition. Features a new silver and gold color scheme, magnetic hat, umbrella and a mini Misfit Plane Misfit ornament in a reuseable gift box!

4. Charlie-In-The-Box. The Island of Misfit Toys’ favorite sentry returns with a polar bear cub and a mini Misfit Doll Ornament in a reusable gift box!.

5. Mrs. Claus. Ready for the holidays in her red dress, she comes with a bowl, spoon and a mini Misfit Elephant Ornament in a reusable gift box !

6. Misfit Cowboy. The rarest misfit figure of all. NOTE: Cowboy does not come carded with accessories like the other action figure. He is polybagged, still new, packaged that way as a factory sample and thus does not come with the accessories as pictured.

Highly poseable figures with super-accurate likenesses feature detailed accessories! Great for holiday play and display. Each figure is approximately 4 – 5” tall.

5 indivially blister carded packaes, plus 1 polybagged package, by Forever Fun / Round 2, 2010.


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