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Rudolph Humble Bumble & King Moonracer Exclusive Clip-On 2-Pack- SOLD OUT

A Time and Space Toys Exclusive!

Continuing with our annual tradition of offering an exclusive set of Rankin/Bass themed hanging figures which began in 2006 with Heat Miser & Snow Miser, we bring you an exclusive hanging figure set based on our two favorite Rudolph characters. These larger-than-life characters have a onmious and magical quality that captures our imaginations. We salute these two creatures of fantasy in our exclusive Clip-On Figure set. This set is only available right here at Time & Space Toys, and will not be in any other retail stores.

The Bumble figure is an all-new sculpt and captures the Abominable Snow Monster in his humble state after being rehabilitated by Hermey and Yukon. Humble Bumble has never in past years been released as a Memory Lane Clip-On figure. King Moonracer has had very limited release in past years as a Memeory Lane Clip-On figure, but has not appeared in any of the box sets from the last three years. Here's your chance to get both rare Clip-Ons in one exclusive set! Bumble is about 4" tall (largest clip-on ever) and Moonracer is about 3" tall.

window boxed, by Round 2 Memory Lane, 2007.


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